Now, in one of the latest games to join the spotlight of the year, the first official trailer of NBA 2K17 was released. NBA 2K17 operation skills were also leaked at Gamescom. Let's take a look.

In the video, we can see very real actions, player models and facial expressions. I believe fans will get quite enjoyable gaming experience.

NBA 2K17 Operation Skills

Basic Offense

Buttons Description:
LS Move Player
RS Pro Stick:Drbble Moves/Shooting/Passing
LT Post Up
RT Sprint
LB Call Play(tap)/Pick Control(hold)
RB Icon Pass
A Pass/Touch Pass
B Bounce Pass(tap)/Flashy Pass(double tap)
X Shoot(tap for Pump Fake/Hop)
Y Overhead Skip Pass(tap)/Alley-oop(double tap)

Jump Shot:Move and hold RS straight down(straight up for bank shot)

Hop Gather:Press X while driving(LS determines direction of hop)

Spin Gather: RT + Double tap X while standing or driving

Runner/Floater : Move and hold RS away from hoop(while driving close)

Normal Layup: Move and hold RS away from hoop(while driving)

Dominant/Off-Hand Dunk:RT + Move and hold RS left or right to dunk with that hand(while driving)

Mid-Air Change Shot:Start dunk/layup,move RS in any direction while in air

Pump Fake:Start a jump shot,then quickly release RS

Step Through:Pump fake, then press and hold RS again before pump fake Ends

Puttback Dunk/Layup:Move and hold RS in any direction during an offensive rebound

Reverse Layup : Move and hold RS toward baseline(while driving baseline)

Euro Step Layup: Double tap X while driving

2-Hand Dunk : RT + Move and hold RS toward hoop(while driving)

Rhythm Dribble:Move RS toward hoop then quickly release

In and Out: RT + Move RS toward hoop then quickly release

Hesitation(Quick): Move RS toward ball hand then quickly release

Crossover: Move RS toward off hand, then quickly release

Between Legs Cross: Move RS between off hand and player’s back, then quickly release

Behind Back: Move RS away from hoop, then quickly release

Stepback: RT + Move RS away from hoop , then quickly release

Spin: Rotate RS from ball hand arounc player’s back, then quickly return to neutral

Half Spin: Rotate RS in a quarter-circle from ball hand to hoop,then quickly return to neutral

Triple Threat Jab: Move RS Left or right then quickly release(While in triple threat)

Triple Threat Combo Move: Move RS toward the hoop then quickly release(while in triple threat)

Triple Threat Stepback: RT + Move RS Away from hoop,then quickly release(while in triple threat)

Triple Threat Spinout: Rotate RS ther quickly return to neutral(while in triple threat)